BoA Daily Highlights: What we bought from Ivy Park, athleisure to get more affordable, and Nike execs act unbecoming

Business of Athleisure, Athleisure, Beyonce, Ivy Park

What the Ivy Park shoppers bought (The Guardian)

“”I’ve spent £190 today but I will probably return some of it. I bought a mixture of tops, sports bras and leggings. The swimsuit I wanted sold out before I got there. I started going to the gym recently and good workout gear is quite motivating. Beyoncé is clever for using whole athleisure trend for her advantage.””

Athleisure to get more affordable (SHAPE)

“If you’ve been coveting a pair of Lululemon leggings but have been money-smart and opted for a more affordable athleisure option instead, you’re not alone. With companies like H&M, Victoria’s Secret, and Forever 21 launching activewear lines at lower prices, the pricey big-name brands are seeing a major drop-off in sales.”

Nike exec caught calling former Nike designer a d-bag on IG (Business Insider)

“Two Nike executives are allegedly bullying a former coworker who left to go to Adidas by calling him derogatory names like “douchebag” on social media.”

Aimee Laurel

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