BoA Daily Highlight: adidas is on a hiring spree, Kit and Ace does travel, Lululemon Lab hits NY, and Fitbit is feeling the Under Armour heat

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adidas to grow in its largest local hiring spree (Portland Business Journal)

“The hiring spree comes as the company’s effort to reboot sales in North America shows continued progress. Adidas reported a strong fourth quarter in North America and last year announced it acquired a 25,000-square-foot building immediately adjacent to its North Portland campus.”

Kit and Ace makes travel a destination (Business Wire)

““The Carry-on pop-up concept was developed knowing that travellers discover cities online well before checking into their hotel,” said JJ Wilson, Co-founder and Head of Brand at Kit and Ace. “We wanted to create a multi-platform experience that offered the same content online and offline where people could shop travel essentials and explore cities around the world at the same time.””

Lululemon Lab is jumping the border (The Cut)

“Opening today at 50 Bond Street, the Lululemon Lab is a dual design and retail concept that follows in the footsteps of the company’s Vancouver lab, which opened in 2009. The NYC location will function as an incubator for experimental designs that bring function and sophistication to every part of a New Yorker’s day, like pants you can cuff to reveal reflective details for bike commuting but also wear to dinner without feeling like an athleisure victim.”

Fitbit is feeling the weight of Under Armour (Wareable)

“However, what’s more interesting is the growth of Under Armour as a force in fitness tech. Under Armour Record’s users grew by 606.6% according to the study, followed by Garmin Connect with 193.6%. To put that in perspective, Fitbit grew by 124.2%. Perhaps that’s the reason for Fitbit investor’s itchy trigger fingers.”

Aimee Laurel

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