BoA goes to ALT in Los Angeles

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The Business of Athleisure team headed to ALT, the Activewear & Lifestyle Tradeshow in Los Angeles. Described as a “new showcase at LA Fashion Market for brands that are inspired by the distinct Contemporary fashion aesthetic, and healthy, active lifestyle ethos inherent to the West Coast”, the show was a great capsule sized look at what’s happening in the small athleisure business segment.

And as this sub-market starts to take hold of share and starts to grow we felt that it was important to put faces to the brands that aren’t the Nikes or adidas of the world and meet who’s pushing the industry forward.

Here are our top three favourite booths from the show:

1. Pheel – Based in NYC and carried in high end gyms like Equinox, Barry’s Bootcamp, and Peloton. Being in business for about four years makes them near-veterans of the independent athleisure movement and we can’t wait to see what collaborations they do next.

2. Nux – Based in California, they are also leaders in the field and they’ve been around the longest (eight years). They have a large collection and are made in the USA, a factor that will become more important as time goes on. Definite ones to watch.

3. Uintah Collection – This is a developing label which we feel has promise for growth. It’ll be interesting to see what they do with their brick and mortar in Utah.

ALT ran from March 14-16 in conjunction with LA Fashion Market hosted by the CMC. Find out more here.

Aimee Laurel

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