BoA Daily Highlight: Wearables, Kendrick Lamar, Nike’s geniuses, and Reebok supports the culture

Business of Athleisure, Athleisure

Kendrick Lamar talks Reebok and fashion’s relationship with hip-hop. (Fashionista)

“”Hip-hop and fashion are the same thing,” claims Lamar. “It’s been that way since Run-DMC in the ’80s. You’ve got to attach yourself to something that represents you.””

Reebok gets rid of junk vices at HQ. (Yahoo! Finance)

“Last week, the company pulled all soda, sugary beverages, energy drinks, and candy bars from its corporate headquarters in Canton, Mass., where 1,100 people work.”

Wearables should be a $12.44b industry by 2022. (dna India)

“A dozen companies were named as major players in wearable fitness, with Garmin (Switzerland), Jawbone, Nike, Pebble and Qualcomm (all US), LG and Samsung (South Korea), Sony (Japan) and Xiaomi (China) namechecked alongside Adidas (Germany), Apple and Fitbit (US).”

An in-depth look at the minds behind Nike. (Complex)

“Their names alone can help sell the product, but that’s not the intention of HTM, since most of the sneakers made are done so in limited quantities. Instead, they’re here to change the way we look at shoes, even when they’re creating short runs of sneakers for the likes of Kobe Bryant, or hybrid footwear that defies categorization.”

Aimee Laurel

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