BoA Daily Highlight: Zara does athleisure, Sharapova gets no love, Phelps’ new UA ad goes live, and more

Business of Athleisure, Athleisure
Check out Zara’s newly launched activewear line (WWW)

“The retailer has added a gymwear category to their New In section, and the styles and prices are incredible. As of now, most pieces are marked with an option to enter your email to be notified when they become available.”

Have you seen ADAY yet? (Upstart Business Journal)

“Less than a year old, their e-commerce company opened an office in New York City last October, introducing a brand that incorporates technical sweat-wicking fabric into jackets, pants, sweatshirts, and tops designed for working women on the go to wear whenever and wherever, with sleek styling and cut-out-the-middleman prices of $50 to $155.”

Fashionista created a list of the 11 up-and-coming activewear brands to watch (Fashionista)

“Just about every week, it seems like a major lifestyle company launches an activewear line, or a new indie brand blows up on Instagram. Looking at the numbers, that’s no surprise: While sales of women’s apparel have remained more or less flat in recent history, sales of activewear have been steadily on the rise, according to NPD. In the U.S. alone, men and women spent more than $33 billion on workout leggings and other athletic gear between June 2013 and June 2014.”
Nike stock is bouncing (InvestorPlace)

“While Nike stock might be oversold itself in the intermediate-term, NKE also remains in a downtrend that likely has another 10% of downside before the sellers finally become exhausted.”

Victoria Secret and Nike invest in girls in China (Forbes)

““Chinese women in first- to third-tier cities hold a rising economic power in today’s society,” says Mintel’s APAC Trends Analyst Philix Liu. “They’re increasingly open-minded and empowered. The fact that Victoria Secret’s is debuting its undergarments in Shanghai is proof of that. For any company aiming to tap into one of the country’s most lucrative forces, it makes sense to be here now.””

Michael Phelps’ new Under Armour ads brings tears to his eyes (AdWeek)

“It brought tears to my eyes, it brought tears to [fiancée] Nicole’s eyes. My mother, without question, tears—multiple times during the commercial. And the music makes it, too. I think it’s a deep commercial, and it’s really incredible how they did it.”
Fabletics Expands into dresses and swimwear (WWD)

adidas doesn’t stop at Sketchers, goes after APL (Esquire)

“According to the lawsuit, Adidas alleges that APL is “designing, sourcing, manufacturing, distributing, marketing, promoting, offering for sale, and/or selling footwear bearing confusingly similar imitations of adidas’s Three-Stripe Mark.””

Nike shows Sharapova no love (Australian Financial Review)

“Some people said Nike’s move boosted their impression of the brand, because it has allowed Nike to take a strong stance and to associate itself with values such as health and fairness in sport.”

Aimee Laurel

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