BoA Daily Highlights: athleisure according to Hannah Bronfman, what Nike is doing wrong according to the founder of Outdoor Voices, Herschel has created magical tech

Athleisure, Business of AthleisureThe world of athleisure according to Hannah Bronfman (PopSugar)

“DJ and fitness enthusiast Hannah Bronfman shows us five easy ways to upgrade your athleticwear to be comfortable and chic.”

Another article about how athleisure is a thing. (Medial News Service)

“Athleisure depicts endurance, pain, willpower and at the same time aspiration, beauty and power. It is a smart combination of seriousness and fun, as well as health and leisure. It is time-saving and sexy.”

The rise of the small indie brand against the Goliaths of activewear (Daily News & Headlines)

“The boom in high-end athleisure means that if you wear your old college T-shirt and a pair of shorts that don’t quite fit, you’ll stand out in the free weight area among a sea of snugly attired, black-and-neon-draped fitness fanatics.”

What Nike is doing wrong, according to Outdoor Voices’ founder (Business Insider)

“While in school, I still had this feeling that I wanted to create a brand that approached activity differently—with moderation, ease, and delight—and celebrated activity rather than thinking about it as performance or competition.”

Check out Herschel’s self-healing bags. It’s magic. (Refinery29)

“Its latest innovation is more than just a pretty new print or hue combo, though: The Canadian brand just debuted a new collection using Sealtech, a nylon material that can reseal and recover from punctures.”

Aimee Laurel

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