BoA Daily Highlights: Athleisure, social media, NikeiD, and denim

Business of Athleisure, Athleisure

Athleisure dominates the runway (E! Online)

“It’s athleisure…everybody is obsessed with the athletic world,” – Coco Rocha

Why Instagram and Pinterest matters so damn much (Business Insider)

“But Instagram and social media outlets like Pinterest are affecting the way older consumers view fashion, as well.”

What can’t you say on your NikeiD (RT)

“Either you believe the word Islam or Muslim incites violence or they are words that Nike doesn’t want to place on its products?”

Is activewear the new denim? (CapitalFM)

“Chatelier noted that this new trend “transcends age and gender,” allowing many to embrace it.”

Athleisure is here to stay  (The WSJ)

“Adult women of all sizes and ages have continued to wear yoga pants as streetwear, and casual office-wear, for better and for worse.”

Aimee Laurel

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