BoA Daily Highlights: Under Armour goes for the underdog and for India, Lululemon founder offends more people, Phoenix the genesis of athleisure?

Lululemon founder Chip Wilson (Image courtesy of The Globe and Mail)

Under Armour gets behind young and unproven athletes (Bloomberg Business)

“We look for maturity, mental toughness, and desire to be great—those things comes first—and then the talent”

Lululemon founder Chip Wilson offends more people (Globe and Mail)

“Who says that in a business meeting when you’ve only met for the first time?”

Under Armour heads east (The Motley Fool)

“It is poised to become the world’s most populous nation and is becoming richer every year. Under Armour would be wise to make a strong impression in the country, while consumer preferences are still being formed.”

Did Phoenix pioneer athleisure? (Phoenix New Times)

“While not caring has always been the ultimate cool, Phoenix was somehow — and surprisingly — way ahead of the curve on this one.”

Aimee Laurel

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